stick vacuum cleaner

What are the tips for buying a handheld vacuum cleaner?


When buying a vacuum cleaner, I think the following points should be our focus:

1. Suction

High suction power is the core performance of all vacuum cleaners. The size of the suction directly determines the cleaning effect of the vacuum cleaner. The suction is strong enough and long-lasting to ensure thorough cleaning. Vacuum cleaners with greater suction power are more favored by consumers, because high suction power vacuum cleaners can suck up all the dust in the depths of the mattress.

2. Filtration system:

We also need to look at the filter system of the vacuum cleaner. If the inhaled dust is not filtered cleanly, it will cause secondary pollution, which is a big invisible killer of the vacuum cleaner. Only the closed filter system of the whole machine can completely lock the dust in the dust bucket and discharge clean and tidy air.

3. The dust bucket is easy to clean

After a long period of use, the vacuum cleaner needs to be cleaned regularly. The ease of dumping garbage and cleaning the dust bin determines the user experience.

4. Number of nozzles:

Whether the nozzle equipped with the vacuum cleaner is suitable for your multi-scene cleaning needs, can take into account the cleaning environment of the family, and can clean the floor, carpet, mattress, crevices, and even keyboard curtains at the same time. The vacuum cleaner is the most user-friendly.

5. Battery life:

If it is a wireless cleaner, battery life is very important. The battery life of the vacuum cleaner determines the efficiency of our daily cleaning. Now many vacuum cleaners on the market can guarantee a running time of 40-60 minutes to meet the basic cleaning needs of the family.

Of course, in addition to the above-mentioned points, the weight, volume and noise of the vacuum cleaner are also part of our consideration.