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LS-B2 robot vacuum
LS-B2 robot vacuum

LS-B2 robot vacuum

412 USD
SKU: LS-B2 robot vacuum
MPN: AntsguardLSB2H
Brand: Antsguard

Products include handheld rechargeable cordless vacuum cleaners, car vacuum cleaners, electric mops, steam mops, sweeping robots, carpet vacuum cleaners, etc.

Product Description


sweeping, mopping and suction three-in-one multifunctional cleaning robot vacuum cleaner Can clean all kinds of floors
3200mAh long-lasting battery life Can be operated with an app


【Robot vacuum cleaner upgrade design】Intelligent 15mm, 25-degree climbing function, easy to cross obstacles and clean in all directions.

【Powerful Vacuuming】Three-in-one, sweeping, sucking, mopping dust, hair, pet fur, paper, etc.

【Large Capacity】Double filter dust box, ideal for cement floor, tile, wood floor, short hair carpet.

【Specifications】Low noise, 3200mAh battery capacity, usb charging, charging time 4 hours working 120 minutes

【Working area】It can be used for rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms, offices, etc. of 90-120 square meters.


Automatically sweep the floor and deep clean the dust, which is very helpful for housework and frees your hands.

Sweeping, vacuuming and UV sterilizers combine to make cleaning more efficient and convenient.

Robot vacuum cleaner is suitable for cleaning marble floors, tile floors and wooden floors at home, and it is easy to absorb dust, hair, crumbs, etc.

Intelligent: anti-collision, low noise, one-button start, anti-pinch, automatic steering sweeping robot.

Convenient: Mini size, easy access to almost every corner of your home, easy household cleaning.


Laser scan Navagation

Production dimension: Φ35.5*10.2cm

Input Voltage:100-240V AC


Cover material ABS

With Main brush and one Side brush 

BLDC Motor, suction power Max.2200pa (600pa, 1000pa, 1500pa, 2200Pa adjustable)

Dustbin Capacity 0.45L+Electronic water tank 0.15L

Filter Initial filter+Sponge filter+Hepa

Noise level:≤65dB

Charging Time: 4-5h


Rated Power:50W

App wifi control



Saurabh Ahuja - 2022-02-08T17:02:48+0800
Received the sweeping robot. I tried to assemble it according to the manual, it works great.