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SC212 cordless handheld vacuum
SC212 cordless handheld vacuum

SC212 cordless handheld vacuum

73 USD
SKU: SC212 cordless handheld vacuum
MPN: AntsguardSC212B
Brand: Antsguard

The  cordless handheld vacuum can easily clean the whole house. Wireless design, equipped with different accessories, large capacity dust box, cost-effective.

Product Description


Handheld、stick and pet vacuum cleaner Clean foot with LED lighting
One-key start, simple operation Cordless rechargeable cleaning

Description of the best cordless handheld vacuum

The SC212 is a cordless handheld vacuum. It has three strong suction powers of 25 KPA, 15 KPA and 9KPA, and a powerful 350W motor, which can generate up to 25000 pa hurricane suction to deep clean short blankets, dust, stains, cookies, candies, etc. 4-stage and high-efficiency filtration system, complete sealed design and high-density HEPA filter that captures 99.99% of 0.3 micron fine dust. The whole body of this handheld vacuum cleaner is light, which is easy to store and does not take up space. The removable lithium battery can be easily removed and hung on the wall mount for charging.


multifunctional design

Handheld vacuum cleaners and stick vacuum cleaners can be easily converted to meet the needs of ceilings, drawers, car seats, sofa gaps and other scenarios.

Multiple filter system and cyclone aerodynamic design

With a multi-layer fully sealed filter system and cyclone design, the Antsguard SC212 Cordless Upright Stick Midday Bag Handheld Vacuum captures 99.99% of 0.3 micron dust, keeping your family safe from allergens.



Unit dimension:1060*230*218mm

Unit N.W./G.W.:2.2KG/3.35KG

Input voltage:25.9V(Li-ion)

Nominal power:350W

Suction power:≥110AW

Dust tank capacity:0.5L

Battery capacity:2000mAh

Charging time:5Hours

Vacuum:High speed: 25.0Kpa(110AW);Middle speed: 15Kpa(60AW) ;Low speed: 9.0Kpa(35AW)



Khaled Tarwand - 2022-02-08T17:02:34+0800
it sucks up dust and hair, it's very easy to use. no longer have to worry about unclean cleaning, no longer afraid of hair in the home.